I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, U.K.  Originally from Hertfordshire, I set my own business up in the Cotswolds back in 1999 after a number of  years working in the photographic industry, and in my first year was delighted to win the Shell LiveWire award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Gloucestershire).

Initially, I started as a portrait photographer, in the pre-digital era, where I learnt the importance and beauty of being able to capture the perfect moment ‘live’ to deliver the best results. Even though I have now embraced digital photography, I still shoot and deliver as I did when using film.

Over the last 17 years, I have had the great fortune to photograph over 700 weddings and many many portraits. Reassuringly the vast majority of my work comes through recommendation and repeat business, so I must be doing something right!

Delighted customers are the biggest reward I can expect, but I am also pleased to have obtained recognition from the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP) with a number of awards and the status of Associateship. In 2015 I was over the moon to have been awarded South West Photographer of the Year!


I am often asked, “how would you describe your style of photography?”. This is always a hard one to answer, especially for someone like me! But what I can do is describe how I work, which therefore leads to my images looking a certain way…

One key element is that I predominantly work with natural light. This keeps a certain kind of quietness to my images, and a softer, more classical and all round elegant feel. Lighting to me is one of the most important part of creating a beautiful image, so I will always put you in the best light as opposed to say what may be regarded as the best backdrop. I am however very experienced in using studio lighting, and still use them if I feel this will create the look required.

Another factor is that I am from a background of using film in cameras, so still tend to shoot with that mindset. Getting it ‘in camera’  is the biggest buzz and using good lighting is always better than lots of obvious digital manipulation. I will of course use photoshop to remove any little bits and pieces if necessary, but I far from rely on it to get my images the way they are, and I think  this approach helps to add a timeless feel to my work.

But more than anything, I want everyone to look at the photos I have taken of themselves or their loved ones and feel good, feel happy! I was recently asked what I want to achieve, to which I replied without hesitation.. “All I want to do is take beautiful portraits”.


I am not a competitive person by nature, but do believe in the importance of pushing myself, stepping out of my comfort zone, challenging myself to try new things. As a result, I will often take on side projects (though not in my busy seasons!!) to give me the opportunity to try out new techniques, and open myself up to more creativity. If you use Instagram, please take a look at my page as this will often feature such work. I also love going to exhibitions and talks about photography, and am a member of the BIPP. Of which I have received a number of awards and qualifications.


I n February 2016, I moved my business into Cocoa Couture, Cheltenham’s most established bridal boutique. My collaboration with Cocoa began after I worked on a shoot with Cara, Cocoa’s owner and designer. Our collaboration works so well due to the fact that Cara and I have the same ethos… 100% one to one service for brides to enable us to create something unique, beautiful and very special.


T o me, the relationship between the photographer and the client is a personal one, so I always say, come and have a coffee, let’s have a chat about what you are looking for and discuss ideas. I do not believe in the same formula for everyone, so can work my style and approach, and fee, to what you are looking for.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit my website and I would be delighted to hear from you.

With best wishes


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